From: The Oakland Daily Evening Tribune, 29 September 1874, Page 3, Column 4.


List of Names on the Great Register which the Grand Jury Recommended the County Clerk to Cancel

Following is the list of names entered upon the Great Register of Alameda county in the years 1866 and 1867, under Sec. 6 of the Registry Act, and which should have been canceled at the expiration of two years from the date of registration, unless certificate of naturalization had been produced, and which the late Grand Jury recommended the COunty Clerk to cancel. The order here is--name, nativity, profession, residence, and date of registration:

Solomon Beal, Prussia, merchant, Oakland township, July 28, 1866

John Brophy, Ireland, farmer, Eden township, June 11, 1867.

Malcolm Bankhead, Scotland, blacksmith, Oakland city, June 29, 1867.

Samuel Martin Clelland, Ireland, farmer, Brooklyn township, July 28, 1866.

Edward Baldwin Carrell, Ireland, laborer, Murray township, March 8, 1867.

Thomas Cuff, Ireland, farmer, Oakland township, May 14, 1867.

John Willard Carrick, New Brunswick, teamster, Oakland city, May 31, 1867.

Peter Carroll, Ireland, farmer, Washington township, June 6, 1867.

Louis Canman, Germany, laborer, Washington township, June 15, 1867.

Hugh Callahan, Ireland, farmer, Centerville, June 17, 1867.

Peter Conway, Ireland, laborer, Brooklyn township, June 28, 1867.

Owen Fell, Ireland, laborer, Brooklyn, June 4, 1867.

Joseph G?iss, Germany, gardener, Oakland city, June 7, 1867.

James Gibb, Ireland, blacksmith, Murray township, June 13, 1867.

Joseph Gillardin, Belgium, farmer, Brooklyn township, July 6, 1867.

Samuel Hirschberg, Prussia, merchant, Oakland township, June 7, 1867.

Edmund Hogan, Ireland, gardener, Oakland city, August 19, 1867.

William Harwood, Nova Scotia, mariner, Oakland city, Sept. 3, 1867.

Christian Jenssen, Denmark, fisherman, June 6, 1867.

William Jeffrey, England, farmer, Washington township, Sept. 3, 1867.

Thomas Kelley, Ireland, laborer, Oakland city, June 6, 1867.

James Lamb, Ireland, carpenter, Brooklyn township, June 17, 1867.

Francis Desal Morin, Canada East, laundryman, San Leandro, July 23, 1866.

Edward Murphy, Ireland, farmer, Washington township, November 5, 1866.

Thomas McDonald, Ireland, farmer, Eden township, June 24, 1867.

George McGauley, Ireland, gardener, Eden township, Sept. 2, 1867.

Samuel Percy, Ireland, roadmaster, Oakland township, July 28, 1866.

Henry Peterman, Germany, merchant, Eden township, June 15, 1867.

Patrick Riley, Ireland, provision dealer, Oakland city, June 7, 1867.

Ludwig Reichart, Prussia, saloon keeper, Brooklyn township, August 26, 1867.

Dennis Sullivan, Ireland, farmer, Eden township, July 28, 1866.

John Smithen, England, steam engineer, Washington township, June 6, 1867.

David Wallace, Scotland, farmer, Washington township, June 6, 1867.

Robert Whit?ock, England, mariner, Oakland township, July 31, 1867.