The 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic-Oakland Newspaper Articles

Patients being cared for in the Auditorium Hospital, Oakland, 1918.

In observance of the 90th anniversary of the worldwide outbreak of Spanish Influenza in 1918, I present here transcriptions of articles (and extracts from articles) from various Oakland, California newspapers.

I have chosen articles which illustrate the progression of the epidemic in Oakland and surrounding towns, and have also transcribed all available death notices and obituaries for Oakland-affiliated influenza victims. The articles are linked to below, in chronological order.

Spanish Influenza at Mare Island
Body of Epidemic Victim Arrives Home

Roy Sieber Dying
Influenza in Berkeley
Higgins Buried
Influenza Mild
Influenza in Vallejo
Vallejo Closes Theaters
New Cases
More Cases
Millerberg Funeral
Orders Given
Stroupe Funeral
223 Cases
City Closed
Cases in Check
Checkwave in Eastbay
Eastbay Victims
Flu at Standstill
Physicians Confer; Some Deaths
Flu on Slight Inroad
Theaters, Churches Closed
Influenza at Fremont
UC Student Dead
Honeymoon Terminated
James White Dies
Appeal to the Public
Teacher is Victim
Auditorium Houses New Patients
Hardship Among the Poor
Auditorium Hospital
Drug, Gauze Famine
Colonel Hunter's Wife Grip Victim
Hepburn Funeral
Dieckmann a Victim
Solano Supervisor Dies
Young Matron Influenza Victim
50,135 Cases in State
Bars, Cafes Dark
Edwin Cronan Influenza Victim
Russian War Hero Dies
Wives of Havens Twins Both Die