From: The Oakland Daily Evening Tribune, 02 January 1877, Page 7, Column 4


List of Physicians in Alameda County Who have Conformed With the Law

The following is a list of the physicians in Alameda county, who have filed their certificates from the State Medical Boards, with the County Clerk, in compliance with an Act passed by the Legislature:

Adams, John S.-Oakland, Albany Medical College, New York; December 24, 1855.

Allen, Cyrus H. -Oakland; Medical Department, University of Vermont; August 9th. 1857.

Agard, Aurelius H.-Oakland; Jefferson Medical College. Philadelphia; March, 1849.

Anthony, Albert G.-Oakland. University of Vermont, July 1875.

Bolton, Wm. B.-Oakland; University of Missouri, March 1, 1848.

Buck, E. W.-Oakland; College of Physicians and Surgeons, State of New York; March 5, 1857.

Barber, Edward T.-Oakland; Tolland Medical College, California; October 2, 1866.

Babcock, Henran P.-Oakland; University of Buffalo, New York; February 24, 1863.

Bamford, N.-Oakland; Indiana Medical College; February 17, 1848.

Bradway, J. R.-Oakland; Rush Medical College, Illinois; February 16, 1847.

Bass, Cyrus-Sunol; Victoria Medical College, Canada; September 10, 1863.

Bluett, Wm. H.-Oakland; ---[sic]; ---. [sic]

Baldwin, D. M.-Oakland; Medical Department, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, October 22, 1844.

Boushey, Julius.--- [sic]; Medical College of Ohio, Cincinnati, March 2, 1874.

Butteau, S. A.--- [sic]; Castleton Medical College, Vermont, June 20, 1850.

Buckland, Wallace O.-Oakland; Eclectic Medical Society; December 11, 1876.

Cushing, Clinton-Oakland; Rush Medical College, Illinois; June 25, 1865.

Coleman, C. S.-San Francisco; Geneva Medical College, New York; March 15, 1852.

Cary, Luther H.-Oakland; Geneva Medical College, New York; July, 1846.

DuBois, Henry--Medical Department, Yale College; July 29, 1861.

Docking, Thomas---[sic]; University of St. Andrews, Scotland; April, 1868.

Eichler, Rudolph--University of City of New York; February 15, 1876.

Foulkes, James F.-Oakland; Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia; March 6, 1855.

Fish, M. W.-Oakland; Rush Medical College, Illinois; February 22, 1854.

Green, Thomas-Oakland;New York Medical College; March 1, 1847.

Gibbons, Wm. P.-Alameda; University of New York; July, 1847.

Jarrett, Geo. Benton-Livermore; Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia; March 12, 1870.

Kittridge, Chas. S.-Oakland; College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York; March 12, 1863.

Lillencrantz, A.-Oakland; Rush Medical College, Chicago.

Lyons, H. Hess-Oakland; Homeopathic Hospital College, Cleveland, Ohio.

Muller, Noah-Oakland; Eclectic Medical Institute, Cincinnati.

Manzy, R. D.-Oakland; University of State of New York, March 8, 1855.

Manzy, W. D.-Oakland; Bellevue Hospital and Medical College, New York; March 1, 1875.

McLean, John T.-Alameda; University of Louisiana, La.; March 20, 1850.

Miller, J. A.-San Leandro; Electic [sic] Medical Society, California; November 10, 1876.

Nicholson, J. E.-Union Medical College, Lousiana [sic]

Orr, Samuel-Oakland; Electic [sic] Medical College, Philadelphia; August 8, 1876.

Pinkerton, Thos. H.-Oakland; Harvard University, Mass.; March 3, 1859.

Pardee, E. H.-Oakland; Rush Medical College, Chicago.

Rosenk, Gustave-Oakland; Electic [sic] Medical Society, Cal.; July 20, 1876.

Rielay, John P.-Oakland; University of New York, N. Y.; March 5, 1846.

Rielly, Paul Jones-Oakland; Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia; March 29, 1848.

Selfridge, J. M.-Oakland; Jefferson Medical College.

Seaton, Joseph H.-Kentucky School of Medicine, Kentucky; February 28, 1847.

Sherman, George E.-Oakland; Medical Deparment of New York University, New York; 1867.

Twitchell, Wm. L.-Maine Medical College, Brunswick; May 18, 1850.

Trembly, J. V.-Oakland; Cleveland Medical College, Ohio; February, 1858.

Von Gardenowsky, Emil-Oakland; Eclectic Medical Society, California; July 20, 1876.

Van Wyck, John C.-Oakland; University of maryland, Maryland; March 8, 1848.

Verhave, A.-Oakland; Committee of Medical Examiners, Amsterdam, Holland; May 22, 1850.

Wythe, J. H.-Philadelphia College of Medicine, 1850.

Woosey, Elliot H.-Oakland; Buffalo Medical College, New York; 1868.

Wheeler, Peter-Oakland; College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York; April 12, 1866.

Wood, Enes P. Rush Medical College, Chicago; February 22, 1854.