Following are transcriptions from the "Personals" column from the Oakland Independent Enquirer.

12 Sep 1885:

John Lee, president of the California Hosiery Company, is an ardent yachtsman. He owns the "White Wing."

JJ Hanifin went East Thursday. He will be absent sixty days.

Will D. Lawton has returned from Santa Cruz.

JB Wyman is back from his Northern trip. He is considerably interested in mining enterprises.

Henry Hays, president of the City Council, is in Marysville.

General Manager AN Towne, of the Southern Pacific Company, will soon build a mansion at Piedmont. Mr. Towne and fate have been friends since the days when he was a humble brakesman.

Col. Truman H. Allen, who was county clerk, and who had but few equals as a blacksmith, is now pension agent. He will supersede his two clerks, Republicans, before October.
16 Sep 1885:

Mrs. PH McGrew is convalescing.

The wedding of Mr. Louis Kaser and Miss Katie Hammer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. JF Hammer, of this city, will take place Thursday evening at the First Presbyterian Church.

Mrs. JG Boalt has gone East to visit friends and to place her daughter, Miss Alice, in a Boston seminary.

Miss Claire Cunningham is the guest of Mrs. JB Saul, at Napa City.

Rev. JA Lally has been appointed by Archbishop Riordan assitant to Rev. Father Serda, of the parish of the Sacred Heart Temescal.

Webb N. Pierce has been elected Adjutant to the 5th Infantry Regiment.

Professor JB Clarke, of this city, becomes President of the Irish National League in this state by the death of Thadeus Flanagan.

Dr. L. H. Cary is recovering from his recent illness at his ranch in Placer county and will soon return to Oakland.
19 Sep 1885:

Jacob Samm, the jovial miller, and William Collins, the genial superintendent of Mountain View Cemetery were the guests of Jacob Schramm, at St. Helena, last Sunday.

Mrs. Joseph Dieves has almost entirely recovered from the pistol wound which she accidentally inflicted on herself.

Hon. HM Van Arnam, of Arizona, is in town.

Victor H. Metcalf has returned from his vacation in the country.

School Director Horton is recovering.

WM Watson, the jolly wine merchant, has gone to Shasta on business.

Mrs. TD Sullivan is striving to become postmistress of Temescal.

Mrs. Carroll Cook has returned home from Santa Barbara.

The friends of Andrew Hallihan, who was injured by being thrown from a buggy during Fair week will be pleased to hear that he is able to be about again. His recovery is only a matter of time.

RM Apger will depart tomorrow on a business trip to Santa Barbara county, where he will remain for one month.
23 Sep 1885:

TD Weymouth and family have returned to this city from Livermore.

Senator George E. Whitney is at Salt Lake, where he has large mining interests.

Miss Lulu Loomis, of Santa Cruz Mountains, is visiting the Misses Wheeler.

Supervisor JJ Hanifin is now in New York city. In about a month he will return.

Harry Blasdel, son of Governor Blasdel, is visiting his parents in East Oakland. He has recently been located in Esmerelda county, Nevada.

Mrs. AC MacAlpin yesterday returned from Sacramento accompanied by Miss Frankie Knealand, of Colfax, Placer county. Miss Knealand will remain the guest of Mr. and Mrs. MacAlpin for a few weeks.
26 Sep 1885:

State Senator Henry Vrooman will go East, Monday, for the benefit of his health.

James K. Moffitt, of East oakland, is to be made Colonel of the University battalion.

Tom O'Neill, the well-known and popular Narrow Gauge conductor, was bitten and scratched by bears so badly, while camping at Boulder Creek, that he had to be conveyed away on a shutter. Forest fires drove the brutes into camp.

General R. W. Kirkham has arrived from the East.

The wife of Wm. Long, the butcher of West Oakland, is fast recovering from her injuries received by being pushed off the local train recently.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Prather, who were recently married in this city, are staying at Soda Springs, Siskiyou county, and expect to remain there for the next two months.

Anson Barstow, of the grain and coal dealing firm of Barstow & Babbitt, has gone on a sailing voyage on a government bark to San Diego and other points South. He will be absent about ten days.

Miss Fish, the daughter of Dr. M. W. Fish, has recovered from her injuries received by a buggy accident.

A thimbleful of dust was found in the coffin of Richard Coeur-de-Leon at the Cathedral of Rouen, when it was opened not long ago.

Edward Burton, ex-superintendent of the mint, has rented his house to James Moyan, a mining man, and has taken up residence in the Hardenburgh house.

Miss Lucie A. Hale, of Boston, Mass., is visiting with her uncle, W. G. Dinsmore.

City Treasurer Fisher, is rusticating at Highland Springs.

Archbishop Riordan will administer the sacrament of confirmation at Temescal to-morrow morning.

Judge Israel Lawton, Judge Stoney and W. D. Lawton will prepare the answers in the Truett vases, now pending in the United States Circuit Court. Mrs. H. J. McEvoy and children are at Santa Cruz.

WE Dargie, proprietor and editor of the Evening Tribune, is moving from his Filbert street house into a Jackson street mansion.

Hon. J. West Martin and his son Shelby left for Mt. Shasta and Soda Bay yesterday. The trip is taken for the benefit of the latter's health, he being convalescent from a serious illness. They will be gone several weeks.
30 Sep 1885:

Father O'Mahoney is not acting as second assistant to Father King.

Father Lally, a native Californian, has been appointed assistant in the Temescal parish, vice Father Kirby removed to the cathedral.

Mr. and Mrs. AN Towne and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. N. Shaw are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. IN Requa at Piedmont.

Mr. and Mrs. FM Smith, of East Oakland, are spending a few days at Santa Cruz.

State Senator Henry Vrooman and Dr. John F. Foulkes departed for Philadelphia yesterday. Mr. Vrooman will be treated there by Dr. Wm. Mitchell and Dr. James DaCosta.

Dr. John F. Foulkes will officiate as best man at the nuptials, at Philadelphia, October 7, of his classmate, Dr. Meiggs Wilson.

Rev. Dr. Chapman has taken the pastorate of the East Oakland Presbyterian Church.

John I. Ginn, the well-known mining expert and journalist, has arrived from Mexico and will remain in this city for a few weeks.

George Grayson has returned from his big cattle ranch in New Mexico.

Dr. LH Carey has returned from his son's ranch in Placer County.

Miss Nellie Hudson left by the "City of Peking" for China.

The engagement is announced of Andrew Weiner, a young merchant, to Miss Selma Bettman.

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Belcher (nee Prather) have been spending their honeymoon at Glenwood, Santa Cruz county.

The announcement is made of the engagement of Miss Dora Hart, daughter of Mr. Jackson Hart, to Dr. Walter E. Bates, of San Francisco.

Miss Julia Lapham is spending a few weeks with friends in Napa.

Mrs. DW Gelwicks is enjoying a brief visit to Santa Cruz.

Coroner Hamilton returned from his trip to the southern part of the state.

AD Pryal, of North Temescal, was the only fruit grower in Alameda county who received a premium for fruit exhibited at the Mechanic's Fair.

Rev. JH McLean has left town on a few days vacation.

City Clerk and Treasurer, Galen M. Fishir [sic] has returned from Highland Springs, Lake County.

Frank Moore, a boy 16 years old, living at 475 Ninth street, fell from a Narrow Gauge train, Monday, and received a gaping wound in his left leg.
07 Oct 1885:

School Director Horton is convalescing rapidly.

Judge JH Boalt has left on a short trip to the Eastern States.

Jacob Greenhood contemplates going on another jaunt to Europe.

Victor Metcalf went to Modesto, Monday, on a business trip.

Mrs. F. Pitzer, of Woodland, is visiting the family of Mr. W. B. Ludlow.

Miss Tot Cutter is making a two weeks' visit with Mrs. Al. Redding.

Ed. Robinson, the thriving young attorney, has returned from Oregon.

T. C. Coogan has been admitted to practice in the United States Circuit Court.

United States Senator James G. Fair will leave for the East within a week or so.

Dr. James F. Foulkes has been chosen physician of the Home for the Adult Blind.

J. West Martin is rusticating at Mount Shasta and expects to remain about a month.

W. M. Watson, the good-natured wine merchant, left yesterday for Adams Springs, Lake county.

W. A. Fisher, deputy superintendent of public schools, is enjoying a mertied vacation at Saucelito [sic].

Constable John F. Teague used to be a locomotive engineer, making from $125 to $15 per month.

F. M. West, of the firm of Bromwell and West, is making a short stay in the Santa Cruz mountains.

Mrs. Francis A. Horton, wife of the well-known clergyman, is visiting her son at Cleveland, Ohio.
14 Oct 1885:

Miss Maud Este, of Napa, is visiting in Oakland.

Senator Vrooman arrived at Philadelphia in good health.

Rev. O. C. Wheeler and wife returned from the south Monday.

WR Thomas may succeed Peter Pumyea as Captain of Police.

JJ Hanifin, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, has returned home from the East.

Hon. J. West Martin has returned from his trip to the northern counties of the State.

LH Brown has resigned the office of Treasurer in the town of Haywards, as he now resides in Oakland.

Mrs. Boyer and Miss Lizzie Boyer leave for the East today. Miss Boyer will pursue her musical studies in New York.

CS Chamberlain is still detained East by business engagements. His friends will be pleased to know that his convalescence from his recent illness is permanent.

Deputy City Clerk ET Gilpin, Police Clerk DB Bortree, ex-Councilman Babbitt, and Jas. P. Taylor, have returned from Los Angeles and Southern California.

John I. Ginn will return to Nogales Arizona in a day or two. Mr. Ginn is interested in a paper published at that point. He is also interested in mining and other enterprises in Sonora. With the resources of that State no man is more familiar.