Following are lists printed in The Oakland Tribune of passengers arriving on the overland trains, which terminated in Oakland. Locations listed after names are places of residence. I have attempted to standardize the punctuation where it clarifies the transcriptions, otherwise the names portions are direct transcriptions of the lists. I have abbreviated the introductory text to each listing.

May 2

Arriving Oakland Wednesday evening, May 2d:

WR Barnes, New Hampshire; N Moore, Cleveland; Mrs EA Simpson, New York; NB Dean, Toronto; Miss HG Otis, USA; Mr Thayer, New York; Mr Avery, Ohio; Mrs. JM Mendenhall, California; M Dehegermann Lindenerono, Danish Consul; Mad Dehegermann, Washington; John A Kas?on, Iowa; General R Taylor, New Orleans; John L Cadwalader, New York; Miss Cadiwalader, Philadelphia; Miss Mary W Clymer, Washington; R Pearshall Smith, Philadelphia; Rev WL Gethens, St. Louis; RB Kinney and wife, Illinois; GA Schartz and wife, Philadelphia; E Reed, San Francisco; E Low, Baltimore; Mrs WG Allen, Chicago; J Barrell, Oakland; A Cadwell, CM Turner, Nevada; E Weiker, Ohio; L Hunter, Bellevue, Ohio; JR Ramives, Los Angeles; D Barnes, St. Louis; JL Lang, Portland, Maine.
May 3

Arriving Oakland Thursday evening, May 3rd:

AJ Newton and wife, Miss Annie L Bishop, Springfield, Massachusetts; AK Sloan, New York; TA Frank, San Francisco; M Marense, New York; DH Johnson and wife, Scotland; Mrs LD Smith and two children, Sandusky, Ohio; LC Dodge and wife, Burlington, Vermont; James McCrindell, Glasgow; Mrs AC Nilas and son, WP Harrison, San Francisco; J Elliott and wife, Plymouth, New Hampshire; Francis Perla and wife, New Mexico; H Freeman, Elko; T Oppenheim, San Francisco; Madame Goldkofer, San Bernardino; W Furgeson, New York; JF Kidder, LL Kidder, Boston; C Penrose and wife, New York; A Pelegous, San Francisco; B Penas, France; E Taylor, Wilmington, Delaware; L Kahn, Corinne, Utah; Charles Robinson and wife, England; L Coryell and wife, Utica, New York; Mrs DH Hall, Eureka; AC Light, Taylorville, California; Ed Gillman, Boston; JP Donson and wife, J. Robley, NS.
May 5

Arriving Oakland Saturday evening, May 5th:

Mrs M Whitney and two children, New York; Dr RJ Lewis, Philadelphia; A Blumenthal, Salt Lake; J Shields and wife, New York; TR Richards and wife, Freeport, Illinois; Mrs DB Sargent, Omaha; WH Seymour and wife, Troy; Mrs N Thames, Trinity, California; JB Dettelbach, Utah; Mrs JW Ellis and two children, Nebraska; HP Wood, San Francisco; W Walcott, FS Caldwell, New York; A Evans, San Francisco; Alex Curtis, Indiana; AW Frothingham, Brooklyn; WF Cody ("Buffalo Bill"), JW Crawford ("Captain Jack"), US; John Eddington, Silver City, Nevada; CR Beal, Minnesota; Mrs CH Seaton and child, Mrs AJ Silver, New York; FA Barry, London; GP Flake, Brooklyn, New York; Wm Grammar, Illinois; C Southworth, Henry County, Illinois; SE Todd, Maryland; HC Camp, Ypsalanti; L Amslung, JE Wilson, George Royal, New York; J Foltz, Indiana; NC Dummond, Washington Territory; Miss Amelia Harlos, Minnesota; Miss F. McTuttle, Illinois; Mrs OC Huse, Lowell, Massachusetts; HN Milligan, wife and three children, Jackson, Tennessee; JS Milligan, Montana; WH Milligan, Tennessee; Andrew Martin, Eagle Canon [sic], Nevada; A Lohman, Indiana; Mr and Mrs JM Johnson and servant, Miss Mabel C. Johnson, New York.
May 9

Arriving Oakland Saturday evening, May 9th:

Chas F Armstrong and wife, Philadelphia; JJ O'Keefe, Santa Barbara; JS Thompson, British Columbia; JB Hereford, Virginia; Mrs C Bolton, New York; Chas C Phillips and wife, Philadelphia; Edward Segain and wife, New York; Mrs H Fray, Ophir, Utah; RW Wing, Providence, RI; WH Dotman, Oakland; F Allen, New Zealand; Mrs Jas Stewart and child, St. John, Michigan; Mrs Geo Turner and three children, Brookline, Mass; RM Danson, Quincy, Ill; JM Deaver, Maryland; HW Kinstry, Montana; GA Gilroy, Scotland; C Christianson, Paris; WW Crane, Oakland; John Gearn, Paris; H Chalvin, JC Prince, New York; Miss A Pierce, Boston; Mrs JA Wright, Miss MH Drake, New York; Duke Lloyd, Canada; Wm Schroeder and wife, Germany; FF Burbank, Wisconsin; Geo M. Fountain, Indiana; OS Miles, Maine; ED McAvoy, Evansville, Ind; Mrs ?rink, San Francisco; Miss Maggie Patterson, Rochester, New York; WK Gallagher and wife, Pittsburgh, Pa; HD Wolf, Ohio; J Champlin and wife, Providence, RI; Robert Jones, Indiana; Mr James Slick, Kentucky.
May 16

Arriving Oakland Wednesday evening, May 16th:

Mrs J Drew, Philadelphia; JO Ballard, Toledo; Mrs A H Phelps, San Francisco; HJ Mor?endell, HC Graham, Trenton, New Jersey; Mr Bantinok, England; TR Moore, San Francisco; PA Lantrey and wife, Virginia; Miss C Jones, Chico; Mrs JS Blake, Augusta, Maine; JK Cary, USA; A Ruhl, San Francisco; R R*, New York; TA Largey and wife, Chico; Major DS Gordon, WN Fleming, Fort Sanders, Wyoming; LS Pond, New York; J Skinker, Oakland; CM Hyde and family, Boston; Mrs Knight, Bloomfield, Masshachusetts; Miss EB Knight, New York; J Matson and two ladies, Montreal; Miss BA Kemp, Miss J Kemp, Georgia, Vermont; Chas R Hager, Wisconsin; A Sinclair, Michigan; JG Hall, Missouri; H Wilson and wife, Abingdon, Massachusetts; P O'Donnell, USA; B Mahan, Massachusetts; Mary Shannon, Brooklyn, New York; FN Drake and wife, Philadelphia; JP Akin and daughter, Pennsylvania.
May 17

Arriving Oakland, Thursday evening, May 17th:

T Robinson, Sidney; Mrs J Brousseau and four children, Kankakee, Illinois; JP Harrison, St. Louis; AF Whitcomb, Boston; F Keum, Jr., New York; FB Wilcox, Westfield, Massachusetts; Geo H Watson and wife, San Mateo, California; Mrs Croghan, New York; James McGittan and wife, Brooklyn; Thos Evershed, Rochester, New York; J Nottingham, Chicago; H O'Neill, London; H Furton, Honolulu; M Eberls, Ottawa; F Krum, New York; Colonel Chambers and 14 men, USA; Miss Annie L Johnson, Brooklyn; Alex Rumhill, Mrs Clark, C Burlon, New York; Mrs John S Bogg and daughter, Detroit; Mrs M Collins and son, Mrs OB Shaw, Boston; Fred K Ward, New York; Mrs Leechman and daughter, Sonora; Mrs JN Allen and child, New York; EH Wells, St. Louis; John N Verman and wife, Georgia; Mrs Emma Southern, Mendocino, California; John G Wilkie, Glasgow, Scotland; JT Harris, San Jose; CH Lord, Cleveland, Ohio.
May 18

Arriving Oakland Friday evening, May 18th:

W Berl, New Orleans; CD Weese and wife, Kentucky; DT Murphy, JT Gay, San Francisco; RC Glover, B Phillips and wife, New York; HK Clazebrook, London; H Johnson, San Francisco; S Clinton, Council Bluffs; WB Barton, CJ Johnson and wife, New York; RG Ingersoll and wife, E Ingersoll, Maud Ingersoll, Illinois; Professor Grenning and wife, Boston; JW Moore Baltimore; CB Moore, Salom, Oregon; Mrs Maulding, Denver, Colorado; Mrs AB Holmes, St. Paul; J Arestin, wife and daughter, New York; WH Stacy, JW Lovell, Boston; OH Cravass, Ogden; G Frich, New Orleans; C Moore, Saginaw, Michigan; Mrs R Watkins, San Jose; Mr Haasman, Cheyenne.
May 19

Arriving Saturday evening, May 19th: Washington Barlett, San Francisco; JJ Yarnell, St. Louis; S Julius Meyer and wife, Portland, Oregon; SH Ackerman, New York; Mrs JJ Sutton, Michigan; Mrs MG Jones, New York; Mrs Geo Mills and two children, Albany, New York; EM Pease and wife, Springfield, Massachusetts; J Dodge, Brooklyn, New York; JE Murphy, New York; Mrs OB Martin, Washington, DC; Fred W. Williams, Dublin; T Dopeyronnay, Miss French, Paris; J Reiss, San Francisco; JT Waterhouse, Jr., Honolulu; JB Watson, Oakland; PR ?ooper, Philadelphia; Major Bonner, USA; Thos A Robinson, Philadelphia; Wm Rassner, wife and child, Michigan; CH Sonawer, J Scholle and wife, MB Edinger, New York; Miss Mary K Brown, Miss Mary Kane, Philadelphia; D Felsenheld, San Diego; Fred Meckfessel and daughter, Franz Meckfessel, Sacramento; Mrs Schultz, Colusa; Miss Pinder, England; Dr EH Perkins, EH Perkins, Jr., Baltimore; J Carson, Boston; F Johnson, Daniel H Johnson, San Francisco; CA Millston, John H Terry, Canada; Mrs H Hockethier and child, Oakland; CF Jones, WJ Emore, New York; Mrs Geo Horton, Oakland; Mrs Geo Reod and child, Charlton, Iowa; Dr TW Huntington, Elko; Albert Lowenstein, New York; RO Clare, Minnesota; F McArdle, New Hampshire; Geo Clark, Minnesota; Thos Porter, Elko; W McRae, wife and two children, Davis S Rooknet, Prince Edward's Island; SM Frank, wife and two children, Kansas; RA Davis, A Dallomani, Mrs Frank, San Francisco.
May 21

Arriving Oakland Monday evening, May 21st:

L Dusenbury and wife, San Francisco; TC Smith, Philadelphia; S Black, Philadelphia; HH Spaulding and family, Michigan; Mrs Hooper, Canada; Francis Darr, New York; RG Killy, Philadelphia; Mrs AC Gill, Marshall, Michigan; Master Willie Gill, Michigan; Mrs David Clark, Lone Rock, Wisconsin; Mrs N Conkling, New York; Dr A Meek, Santa Rosa; GF Hooper, London; MM Spencer, Ohio; N Bowden, Indiana; WN Houghton and wife, New York; MW Stewart, Arizona; Mrs M Lytle, Ohio; Mrs S Shackleton and two children, Ohio; MIss Morris, Indiana; Mrs Joseph E Cheevers, Philadelphia; Mrs William Mintsmore, Montreal; MW Sanders, USN; Miss Emma Hurl, Oakland; Mrs W Holtham, Lawrence, Kansas; Mrs RS Barber, Wisconsin; CF Putnam, Massachusetts; W Graham, Chicago; M Emery, Washington; CW Badger, Boston; James Sharp, St. Clair, Illinois; AP Peck and wife, Cincinnati; John G Wolf, Ohio; Frank Ingoletti, Italy; Mrs H Levelle and two children, New York; Mrs WS Jones, Utica; Mary J Quincy, Pittsfield, Massachusetts; John Froster and wife, New Haven; James Archer, Cherokee, Iowa; Miss Gussie Doran, New York; D Declavriere, France; DF Underwood, Salt Lake; EJ Holly, New York; John Elphinston, England; Mrs Captain Rice, Liverpool; FC Pettingrove, wife and child, Michigan; Daniel H Jones Jr., Ogden.
May 24

Arriving Oakland Thursday evening, May 24th:

JM Day, Hunter, Nevada; JJ Dunne, Hunter, Nevada; SW Jackson and wife, New York; J Oveson, Warren, Pennsylvania; Wm Nell, Oakland; JG Crown and wife, Kingston, Canada; Mrs J Husman and son, San Francisco; Mrs Townsen, Detroit; Miss Colter, Ireland; GL Little, Massachusetts; O Hansbury, Chicago; DR Shaw, Detroit, Michigan; JN Jeenness, Anica, Michigan; D Schley, Baron Jacobs, San Francisco; Miss Jewell, London; JJ Kitchen and wife, Nova Scotia; AS Mass, Weaverville, California; Robt LS Hall, New York; Miss Emily Payne, Michigan; RW Bell, wife and three children, Canada; Miss C Douglass, Portland, Oregon; Mrs Geo Baird, Canada; Mattie Sullens, Nevada, Missouri; Mrs N Dove, Nevada, Missouri; LL Porter, Lonocoming, Maryland.
May 26

Arriving oakland Saturday evening, May 26th:

LJ Lolion, HH Neyes, Washington, DC; Miss Lottie HIll, Miss Stacie Stanley, New York; Miss Nellie Hansted, San Francisco; Miss Viola Frasted, Mrs SG Crane, H Meyner, New York; Miss TA Richardson, Illinois; AB Merwin, Brooklyn; HW Tonall, New York; AC D*on, Chicago; Dan Ellsworth, Illinois; Geo M Jones and wife, New York; WT Allen, San Francisco; Mrs M? Dunn, Brooklyn, New York; JL Roster and family, San Francisco; A Blood, Manchester; BF Martin, CH H*, Boston; Mrs Hamilton, Yokohama; Mrs C Gilett, Oakland; Mrs Ogler, Los Angeles; L Wood and wife, New Orleans; Robert Cards, New York; R Fr*, WS Drayer, Chas C Dix, Chicago; Marian Underwood, Webster, Iowa; Dr Medill, England; Miss Bladell, Miss Taner, New York; EA Pratt, Geo Pratt, Pennsylvania.
May 28

Arriving Oakland, Saturday evening, May 28th:

Mr Hooker and wife, New Haven, Conn.; Venerable Arch-Deacon Wright, Mrs. Wright, Frederick Wright, Ernest Wright, Miss Nina Wright, Miss Alice Alford Wright, Miss Percival Wright, Vancouver Island; ES Pardee, New York; A Harp*ling,, California; H Craninni, Italy; Fred Lee, Spain; JF Bears, Jr., WH Bears, Grand Rapids, Mich; W Dawes Wood, wife and child, Pittsburgh, Pa; HL Haskell, San Francisco; JO Bullock, New York; GW Lichtenhaler, Illinois; Miss EJ Peralta, San Leandro, Cal; W Fearn, Scotland; WE Bradley and wife, Pottsville, Me; ML Higgey, Illinois; Mrs Drum, Elko; LE Downing and wife, Wells; Mrs HM Henderson and daughter, Missouri; Mrs Geo [?] and daughter, Yuba City; JW R?ackman, WH Baker, Chicago; Peter Boliver, Ireland; J Harley, Troy, Ohio; Miss Hitchbottom, London.
May 29

Arriving Oakland Tuesday evening, May 29th:

JC Spiller, EG Coleburn, Baltimore, Md; GF Smith, HP Wysat, A Meyer, M Meyer, DW Meyer, New York; ?M Lee and wife, and Miss EE Lee, Texas; EF Clark and wife, E? Burdick and wife, PR Woodman, San Francisco; JW Swanwick, Mrs Swanwick, Illinois; EJ Granger, Brooklyn; Mrs D McCarthy, Jersey City; Col Jones, San Leandro; William Thomas, Boston; JW Kimble, AB Paxson, Philadelphia; Potter Palmer and family, H Meyer, Chicago; Thomas Donnels, Eliza A Miller, St. Louis; JW Powell, USA; Robert Page, San Jose; SP Ayers, Detroit, Mich.; William Goetzel, Germany; Mrs Lizzie Plunkett, Whitefield, NH; Mrs M McNellis and three children, New York; CB Pierce, Kansas.
May 30

Arriving Oakland Wednesday evening, May 30th:

Charles McCreary and wife, Sacramento; Ceo H Lonabough, Philadelphia; Major Throckmorton and family, USA; Miss Lizzie Dyer, Washington; Charles D Hutchingson, Philadelphia; Geo Wyman, New York; JV Whitten, Washington, Ind.; Ed Balbach, wife and child, George Farmer and wife, New Jersey; FC Eichbaum, Detroit; Ed Giles and wife, Topeka, Kansas; Mrs HA Baldwin, San Francisco; M Hilyard and wife, Toldeo, Oh; RS Bixby, wife and two children, Los Angeles; Col Tho. W Knox, New York; EF Beale, Washington; CH Maddox, Mrs CH Maddux, maid and two children, San Jose; Mrs Ada Wright, Boston; Miss M M*den, John A Rice, Chicago; Robert Pritchard, John McCullough, San Francisco; F Bowden, Eng; Mrs WP Gordon, Sacramento; Dr Drake, wife, maid and one child, Michigan; J Goldsmith, Salt Lake; AN Smith, Maine; CM Yates and two children, San Francisco; WB Davis, Chicago; H Eagan, G Rawson and wife, New York; G Stack, Boston; Mrs ? W*, California; Mrs Dochnel, Paris; JP Dalton, Sacramento; J Langly, Stockton; Mrs Chas Stanford and family, Mrs N Standford, Miss Jennie Stanford, Miss Maud Stanford, Mr Chas Stanford, Jr, Master Victor Stanford, EN Howel, New York; AM Whitten, Washington, Ind.