From: The Oakland Daily Evening Tribune, 01 Mar 1877, P. 3, Col. 1.


Couples Who Joined Fortunes During the Month of February

Below will be found the names of those persons to whom licenses to marry were issued by the County Clerk during the month of February just passed.

John Flaherty and Mary Maloney

Joseph Rainford and Mary Augur

Hugh Lenard and Catherine Carbrey

William F. Tracey and Mary J. Dore

James W. O'Brien and Sarah T. Woodward

Geo. Frederick Goodwin Morgan and Bridget Clo?by

William Pirrio and Antoinette E. Janssen

Michael Littleton Maloney and Bridget Cowden

Richard Korn and Carolina Swansberg

Peter Thiesen and Anne Burm?ster

Samuel E. Knowles and Minnie E. Hogan

John A. Bonn and Anna Fuller

Nool Piriard and Victorine Latrache

J. C. Mullikin and Martha Taylor

Frank B. May and Belle M. Monithrope

Mical Tubbs and Mrs. Mary Carswell

Hermann Barthold and Christine Jessen

Philip Lusmann and Rebecca Kooning

Benjamin Larkin and Julia Cavasso

William Long and Della Shultz