From: The Oakland Daily Evening Tribune, 10 January 1891, Page 8, Column 4


Certificates Recorded for the Week Ending January 10, 1891

January 1st-Robert L. Davis, aged 24, Vacaville, and Mamie E. Collins, Oakland; by Rev. M. C. Wilcox.

December 28th-William Schumacher, aged 25, and Julia E. Turner, aged 21, both of Alameda; by Rev. M. McNabee

December 24th-George I. Oxsen, aged 29, and Anna M. Hinsen, aged 21, both of Pleasanton; by Rev. J. M. Smith.

January 9th-C. M. Nelson, aged 22, and Mary L. Bollinger, aged 16, both of San Ramon; by F. W. Henshaw, S. J.

December 2?th-George A. Reynolds Jr., aged 30, and Mary F. Ellery, aged 28, both of Alameda; by Rev. C. W. Wendte.

December 21st, George W. McNear Jr., aged ?? and Etta B. Tucker, aged 22, both of Oakland, by Rev. W. F. Nichols.

January 2d-James G. Howard, aged 47, Lake county, and Minerva Price, aged 42, Oakland, by Rev. F. Dixon.

January 1st-Edward L. Hotchkiss, aged 25, Fresno, and Amy L. Mills, aged 22, Oakland; by Rev. G. H. Merrill.

January 2d-Arthur B. Cotton, aged 22, San Joaquin, and Blanche Smith, aged 15, Oakland; by Rev. M. H. Rice.

December 24th-Carl J. Benson, aged 24, San Francisco, and Rosa M. Fischer, aged ??, Oakland; by Rev. M. H. Rice.

December 31st-Jack S. Orchison, aged 22, and Rosela Messner, aged 20, both of Oakland; by Rev. M. Braker.

December 3d-William F. Naus, aged 22, and Marie F. Suvek, aged 19, both of San Jose; by J. H. Theiss.

December ?9th-Jens C. Nelson, aged 30, and Anna S. Anderson, aged 23, both of Oakland; by Rev. J. H. Thiess.

January 1st-Manuel Gomes, aged 25, Salinas, and Anna Ambrose, aged 25, Oakland; by Rev. L. Serda.

January 1st-Adam E. Axx, aged 25, and Loamia H. Ford, aged 20, both of Oakland; by Rev. L. Serda.

January 1st-Axtel F. Ekstrom, aged 26, San Francisco, and Alma E. Beckman, aged 23, Oakland; by Rev. A. M. Le Veau.