Foreign Pioneers in Oakland Before 1870

The following pages are excerpted and transcribed from the publication Oakland, 1852-1938, Hinkel and McCann, eds., published under the WPA by The Oakland Public Library in 1939.

The pages contain short to moderate length biographies of foreign-born settlers in Oakland present before 1870. Select the country of origin of interest from the list below to begin browsing these biographies: Parenthetical references on these pages resolve to the following, as per the original text (see page 313), and are contemporary to the publication of the text. I have no further information on these resources.

(E.C) = Files of Evergreen Cemetery, Oakland, California
(F.W.S.) = Private files of F. W. Stromberg, 19 Estrella Avenue, Piedmont, California
(M.V.C.) = Files of Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, California
(O.W.D.) = Private files of Otto W. Degen, 2055 Santa Clara Avenue, Alameda, California
(St.M.C.) = Files of St. Mary's Cemetery, Oakland, California