Obituaries-October 1900

Following are obituaries from October, 1900, as printed in The Oakland Daily Evening Tribune.

01 October 1900, Page 6, Column 6


Mrs. Martha E. McCleve, mother of Mrs. Ruth Garner, Mrs. E. J. Whitney, Mrs. George Parkinson and Henry and Wilbur McCleve, died at Mrs. Whitney's home on Alameda avenue yesterday, aged 81 years. The funeral will be held from the Whitney home tomorrow.

Mrs. Mary J. Mackenzie, the wife of D. G. McKenzie, died at 2?29 Clinton avenue on Saturday night, aged 45 years. Mrs. McKenzie was the mother of George H. McKenzie and Mrs. Al. Neill.
04 October 1900, Page 5, Column 1


Mrs. Martha Skimmings, the wife of R. H. Skimmings, died at her home on Railroad avenue on Tuesday, where the family has resided some five years. Among her children is the wofe pf J. D. Brown, of the California Safe Deposit Copany. The funeral was held today, burial being at Mountain View.
09 October 1900, Page 5, Column 6

Alameda Deaths

ALAMEDA, Oct. 9-Nicholas Muller, who has been a well known resident for many years, died at his home on Bay street and Santa Clara avenue yesterday, aged 62 years. His funeral will be held on Thursday morning at 10 o'clock. Besides his widow, Catherine, Mr. Muller leaves two sons, Henry and Nicholas, and a daughter, Lena.

Adam Koch died at his home on Eagle avenue on Sunday, aged 57 years. The funeral will be held this afternoon and will be under the auspices of Alameda Lodge K. of P. Mr. Koch had lived in Alameda nearly twenty-five years, and beside his wife leaves a son, P. Koch, and two daughters, Mrs. N. Rienecker, and Mrs. F. H. Hahn.

The funeral of Walcott R. Bissell, who died at the Southern Pacific Hospital on Sunday, took place this forenoon from his Bay street home. Burial was at Cypress Lawn Cemetery.

Mrs. Julia Rathbone, who died in San Francisco on Saturday, was for many years a resident of Alameda, living on the Dingee place near Encinal station. She was the wife of Henry Rathbone, who is an officer of the United States Circuit Court in San Francisco.
10 October 1900, Page 8, Column 2


Lafayette Irving Fish, a pioneer who came to California via the isthmus in 1850 and has been prominently identified with affairs in Contra Costa county, died at his Martinez home yesterday.

Mr. Fish was 76 years of age and besides his widow, who was Miss Flora Webster of San Jose, leaves a son and daughter.
12 October 1900, Page 3, Column 4


SAN LEANDRO, Oct. 12-Doctor John H. Miller died at his residence here on Tuesday evening, aged 58 years. Doctor Miller in the four years that he lived in San Leandro had become closely identified with the interests of the town and had made hosts of friends.

He leaves, beside his widow, three sons, of whom Doctor Charles Miller of North San Juan is the eldest, the others being Edwin, a student at San Anselmo Seminary, and Harold, who is a student at Cooper Medical College, and a daughter, Ethel.

Doctor Miller was an elder and trustee of the Presbyterian Church, and an active Mason and Grand Army man. He was a moving spirit in Sunday School work throughout the county. The funeral will be held Friday afternoon from the Presbyterian Church.
13 October 1900, Page 5, Column 3


Joshua Tevis, a brother of the late Lloyd Tevis, and a member of the famous Tevis family of Kentucky, died at his home in Fruitvale yesterday afternoon at the age of 75 years. He had been ill for nearly a month and since his return from his ranch near San Jose has failed rapidly.

The family of Tevis stands high in the annals of Kentucky and for years its men have been prominent in law, politics, and the church. The deceased was an attorney by profession and at one time was a partner of Tom Marshall.
16 October 1900, Page 6, Column 2
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Walter J. Morrison, whose home was ... Oakland died last Sunday ... on his ... from the ...

Mr. Morrison was a victim of consumption ... took several ... He was but 25 years old. The remains will be brought to Oakland today.
22 October 1900, Page 3, Column 2


Mrs. Liveria W. Hanford, wife of J. M. Hanford, for years paymaster of the Southern Pacific Railway, died at the Fabiola Hospital at 7 o'clock Saturday night.

Mrs. Hanford was a native of Canada, 58 years of age, though she had spent the greater part of her life in California. She was the mother of seven living children-four sons and three daughters, Elizabeth J., James M., Robert C. D., Leland S., Joseph W., Mrs. Edgar D. Crumb, Pasadena, and Mrs. Dr. F. E. Sawyer, San Rafael.

The funeral will be held at the Second Congregational Church, Tenth and Peralta streets, Tuesday at 2 P. M. Interment will be at Mountain View.

Mrs. Hanford was a noble woman and was well known for her charitable acts. She was loved and respected by all who knew her.
22 October 1900, Page 4, Column 6


Thomas Eager, who was a resident of Alameda county for many years, died at his home in San Francisco yesterday. He was 70 years old.

Some years ago Mr. Eager was the Republican candidate for County Clerk of Alameda county. He was defeated by Truman H. Allen.
22 October 1900, Page 8, Column 4

Was Taken to Hospital Across Bay For Treatment

Daniel Platt Clark, one of the best known young men of Oakland died this morning at the McNutt Hospital in San Francisco.

He had been confined to his home at 1267 Sixth avenue for several months with illness.

Last Sunday he was removed to the hospital where he died.

He was a native of Bear Creek, Wisconsin, where he was born April 29, 1860. When he was twelve years old he went with his parents to Costa Rica where they acquired a fortune. Young Clark came to Oakland in 1875 to receive the benefits of our public schools, returning to Central America in 1881.

He came back to this city in 1884 and decided to reside here permanently. He was married to Miss Elizabeth Houghton, December 23, 1886. Besides his wife he leaves a son, John P. Clark, and two daughters, Lucy and Lucina Clark.

The funeral will take place Wednesday.
25 October 1900, Page 3, Column 4


The death of Dr. D. T. Nestell residing at 1244 Poplar street was reported yesterday afternoon. The deceased was 81 years of age, and had resided in this city but a short time.

Joseph Ward Machell, brother of J. H. Machell, died yesterday at his residence, 357 Eleventh street. HE leaves a widow. The remains will be interred in Mountain View Cemetery.
25 October 1900, Page 4, Column 7


ALAMEDA, Oct. 25-Daniel O'Toole died at the home of his sister, Mrs. Bridget Dunlavy, 1?00 McPherson street. He was a native of Ireland, 76 years of age, and came to California fifty years ago. Death was due to pneumonia. Monday Patrick Dunlavy, brother-in-law of the deceased, passed away. His funeral was held today.
29 October 1900, Pate 4, Column 1


George North, father of Immigration Commissioner Har H. North and Assemblyman A. W. North of Woodland, died yesterday at Winters, Yolo county, in the sixty-ninth year of his age. The deceased was a native of Walton, Delaware county, N. Y. He came to California in 1852, settling in Marysville. He conducted a hardware store until 1879, when he took up a fruit ranch near Winters, which he held up to the time of his death.
30 October 1900, Page 6, Column 6


ALAMEDA, Oct. 30- Health Officer Stidham states that there are about a dozen cases of scarlet fever scattered about the city. Ella Maria Heltman died of the disease Sunday at the home of her mother, Mrs. T. Victors, 1818 Railroad avenue. She was a native of Alameda, aged 14 years. The funeral took place yesterday afternoon, the interment being in Mountain View Cemetery.
30 October 1900, Page 8, Column 4

Funeral of D. T. Nistell

The funeral of Daniel D. T. Nistell was held at Brown's undertaking parlors Saturday, after which the remains were interred in Mountain View. Deceased was 81 years of age, a native of New York. He died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. F. E. Lutz.