From: The Oakland Daily Evening Tribune, 06 January 1876, Page 3, Column 2. Note: Usage of [?] denotes words or letters that the transcriber finds in question or which are unreadable.


Coroner's Record for 1875
An Interesting Paper for Future Reference

Through the kindness of County Coroner S. H. Mather, of Smith & Mather, real estate dealers, we are enabled to lay before the readers of the Tribune a full list of the cases which come under the official observation of that efficient officer during the year 1875. We but do simple justice to a most excellent officer in saying that Mr. Mather is the only Coroner Alameda county has ever had who kept a full and accurate record of all the cases coming under his official notice during his term in office. The following list of inquests during the past year may prove valuable, some day, in leading to the identification of some of the unknown dead, in [?] as we give, in each case, all the [?] facts elicited at the inquisition:

January 5: Unknown man, supposed to be a German, 66 years of age, five feet seven inches in height, bald head, chin whiskers gray; wore a small silver ring marked "64"; found dead corner of Webster and Eighth streets, from rupture of a blood vessel.

March 23: Louis C. H. Simmons, native of Germany, aged 5[?]; accidentally drowned in San Antonio Creek at the foot of Broadway, while under the influence of liquor.

March 2[?]: J. W. Striker, a native of Canada, aged [?], died suddenly of heart disease.

April [?]: An unknown American aged about [?], weight 180 pounds, stoat built, [?] neck, light complexion, heavy black hair and moustache; found in San Antonio Creek near the draw-bridge, with his throat cut.

April 23: Robert B. Van Pelt, a native of San Francisco, aged 1[?]; skull broken by the kick of a horse on Sixth street, between Jefferson and Grove.

April 2[?]: John W. Mangins, a native of Milwaukee, aged 17; accidentally drowned in the bay near the railroad [?].

May [?]: John H. Bark, a native of Galway, Ireland, aged 31; died on the cars of the Broadway station of [?]ism of the [?].

Jun [?]: E[?] Des[?], a native of France, aged [?]7, died suddenly of consumption, at the Railroad Restaurant at Berkeley.

July [?]: George Abbott Walker, a native of Brandon, Vermont, aged 21; shot himself in bed at the Oakland House, corner of Broadway and Third street, while laboring under a temporary fit of insanity.

July 12: An unknown woman, aged about 30, weight 110 pounds, round full [?], short nose, dark hair, slightly gray; found on the beach on the bay side of Alameda Island, and supposed to have been drowned.

August 10: Unknown man, five feet eight inches in height, weighing 180 pounds, large eyes, hair cut short, chin whiskers and moustache; found in the bay near the foot of Twenty-eight street, with a fatal bullet wound in his body.

August 2[?]: Jeremiah B. Sanderson [?]-preacher, a native of New [?], Mass., aged 54; run over by the local train at Myrtle street, in attempting to board the train while in motion.

September [?]: William Thompson, a native of Prussia, aged 44; found dead corner of Center and Third streets, of aneurism of the aorta.

October 8: Robert Baker, a native of Bohemia, aged [?]0; found dead in bed at Alameda, of effusion of water upon the lungs and heart, caused by pleuritis (or, to amend the verdict and be a little more exact and technical-by phthisipneaumonia, or "quick consumption.")

October [?]: H. J. Hanson, a native of Germany, shot himself at the corner of Poplar and Fourteenth streets.

October 21: Lewis A. Weascott, a native of Maine, aged 21: found drowned at Alameda.

November 2: Owen Hughes, aged 50; died at City Hall, of consumption.

November 11: Thomas Lewis, a native of Portugal, found in the bay near Long Bridge, Alameda.

November 1[?]: Rose A. Moore, a native of Scotland, aged 56; died suddenly of heart disease, on Ninth street, between Franklin and Webster.

November 23: John Riley, a native of New York, aged [?]2; accidentally drowned in the bay near Berkeley.